a weekly discussion

on the future of humanity + technology

Don't panic! The end is always nigh for the old world.

Endgame is a talk show / group discussion that takes place in the Metaverse (the social layer of virtual reality). Its focus is on technology and the future. Change is inevitable for all species; will we eventually destroy ourselves, or are we destined to transcend what we currently are?

Get involved in the conversation by joining us every other Wednesday at 7pm PST / 10pm EST in VRChat. Or you can watch our livestream and previous recordings over at our Youtube channel. Come share your thoughts about the future of the world we share together.

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Endgame was created by Nomono (Jesse Filipko). You can listen to its previous incarnation as an audio podcast here: endgamepodcast.com
Nomono is a futurist and game designer, in a career as a creative professional instructing teenagers in filmmaking.


Poplopo is a technology and science enthusiast who is excited to be a part of the Metaverse in its earliest days. You can find more information about her on her website: pixelstomp.com


Psych is a researcher at Vanderbilt University, studying the properties of Virtual Reality and how it might be used in psychological treatment. You can find out more about his projects at psychnoah.com



Ghoster is the cameraperson for Endgame and is responsible for Endgame's filming and livestreaming. He is the manager of the VRC Traders group on Discord, which you can find more information about on its discordbots.org page.


Laozi is the host of the Wednesday Socials that occur on Endgame's off-weeks, and is also the builder of the Endgame Stage. In his professional life he is a game developer and fiction author - you can find his work at tebakutis.com.